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Have you ever done what I did this morning? I walked out of the house early and as soon as I approached my car I got a face full of web. Spiders web that is. Why do they do that?

Of course they do that because thats what they do. I had decided to get up early and head off for a walk before the kids woke for school.

As I walked past my car I began to feel a little sorry for the spider. He/she had spent heaven knows how many hours spinning the web in order to snare it’s next meal. I considered the spider as I headed for the woods.

Hang on, spiders have not evolved with enough web to spin only one.They have worked out that each web they spin is only temporary. Through millions of years of evolution and experience they have come to understand that they will spin many, many webs throughout the 100 million years they have taken to evolve. Which is why they have an unlimited supply of web.

You know how it goes: they spin a web, they hopefully catch their next meal but sooner or later their web will become unusable. And what do they do? They accept it and get on with the creation of another web.

I’m sure that they don’t  spend years, months or weeks reflecting on where it all went wrong.  What’s the point?

How about you? Do you spend more time than you should focussing on what you can’t change. No, I’m sure you don’t. What would be the point?

On that sticky note.

Have a fantastic day.[/fusion_text]

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